About Gentle Herd

Gentle Herd aims to change the way you think about cashmere. Proving that luxury quality and top-shelf designs don’t have to cost a small fortune, the brand’s price transparency from materials to labor is a breath of fresh air in an expensive and stuffy market.


  • Uses high-quality cashmere
  • Ensures ethical treatment of humans & animals
  • Much more affordable than regular cashmere
  • Price match policy
  • Promotions available
  • Ships internationally
  • Free returns

Gentle Herd Women’s Review

With 600+ luxury styles, in the Gentle Herd Women’s collection lies structured coats and supremely soft cardigans alongside flowing trousers and snuggly knee socks. Most items on this list are available in sizes XS-XL, but the iconic turtleneck is only available in S-XL.

Below, this Gentle Herd review will showcase the brand’s best-selling women’s clothing in a moody neutral palette that’s perfect for fall office and weekend wear.

Gentle Herd Men’s Review

The Gentle Herd Men’s selection is smaller than the women’s—by about 50 pages. But, in the five pages it does offer for men, you’ll find essential picks like sweaters and polos alongside some extravagant pieces like silk button-ups.

Ahead, this Gentle Herd review will shine some light on the brand’s top-selling Men’s must-haves for daily wear. Everything on our list is available in sizes S-L.

Who Is Gentle Herd For?

Love cashmere but hate the price? Gentle Herd is a great pick for anyone who wants lavish top-tier cashmere for a fraction of what it would normally cost. With luxury looks, this essentials line compares to designer brands, only, you won’t have to pay out the wazoo for a good-looking sweater.

If you’re worried about the animals, you can rest easy knowing that the brand is dedicated to their ethical treatment. Its team guarantees that its goats and sheep are lovingly cared for as they happily munch on grassy hillsides in Mongolia.